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About PCDx

The PCDx test provides patients and physicians with a blueprint of the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s disease, potential treatment approaches, and comprehensive inventory of relevant clinical trials.  It identifies actionable classes of genomic alterations in hundreds of cancer-related genes, including:

  • What is Paradigm's PCDx Test?
    The PCDx test is a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based diagnostic genomic test that offers a more targeted, personalized approach to cancer treatment by interrogating and identifying the underlying genomic alterations of your tumor’s DNA & RNA. The information provided by this test assists your treating physician in developing a more informed and individually tailoredtreatment strategy for your cancer.
  • What is Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)?
    NGS is a revolutionary laboratory technology that is utilized by Paradigm’s PCDx test to rapidly, accurately and confidently assess genes of a specific tumor sample and identify potentially treatable genomic alterations in your cancer’s DNA & RNA.
  • Why are genomic alterations important for guiding cancer therapy?
    Genomic alterations are changes in the tumor’s DNA that can impact the way that specific cells and cancers behave. While most genomic changes are part of our normal biology and do not have a negative impact, some can lead to cancer. While cancers are typically caused by alterations within a few hundred very specific genes, only a sub-set of those genes are classified as “actionable” or associated with a drug therapy. Research has shown that using therapies that “target” these actionable gene alterations can lead to better patient outcomes with fewer side effects.
  • How will this information help guide my treatment?
    The results of your genomic testing will be sent to your treating physician in a clinical report, which will outline: The testing performed The genomic alterations that were identified Information on any potential treatment strategies, including clinical trials that could be of benefit based on your tumor’s analysis. Your physician may incorporate this data as they develop your individualized treatment strategy.



PCDx is Fast

Paradigm promises a clinically relevant turnaround time. Customers can expect 5 business days from sample receipt to reporting ensures continuity of clinical care.

PCDx is Accurate

Comprehensive NGS results on as little as 1-2 slides (+ 1 slide for H&E + 1 slide per IHC)

PCDx is Effective

Looks at biomarkers associated with >90 FDA approved therapies and 24 combinations.



Paradigm brings cutting-edge diagnostics and biomarker driven clinical trials to benefit cancer patients.


Through Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS), and other biomarker analysis, the Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx) test is able to provide the treating clinician with information about the genomic and proteomic landscape of a patient’s cancer, helping personalize each patient’s course of treatment.

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